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October 11 2012

Buffy Season 9 Chevy at New York Comic Con. That's quite cool, actually.

That BtVS/Angel&Faith car is very cool, but I actually want the SAGA car (BVK's new comic series with the first TPB out yesterday... please excuse the plug, I get no $... LOL). I wish I was in NYC.
Can I win this?
I'm with you embers, that Saga car is sweet :) Can't wait for more issues in November!
Can that be my car, please?
That is very cool
That's... odd.

You guys can have the Buffyverse and Saga cars, though. I'll take the Locke & Key one. Kinsey has a good smirk going there.
That is a cool car. But if I was going to have a Buffy related car, it'd be way more awesome to have Oz's van or Angel's car or some other car that was significant on the show.
I find it odd too but somehow I'm getting my picture with it. I'm so done work and can now prepare!
Avero? Looks too small to be a Sonic.
Apparently you can win one of the cars, more info (and pics) at link:.
@hann23 Share the pic if you will

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