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October 11 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #3. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Hmm,interesting.I assume this is a flashback to how Spike knows/met Pearl and Nash?Is it before Twilight or after they started to work for Twilight/Angel?
Ooooo.... Pearl and Nash know Spike? Amazing. Loving this!
This smells of a "dream scenario" going on in Spike's head. He just seems too darn heroic. Could be wrong though, might be a flashback.
I'm loving these overlapping series :D
Cool. Is this next week?
Cool, i think this is a flashback. The jacket looks very much like the one he had when he first fought Nikki Wood. And Pearl and Nash don't seem as powerful as they are post-twilight.

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