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October 11 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #1. 'Buffy' season 9 spin-off 'Willow': Our favorite witch tries to bring magic back to the world!

Preview looks great.Looking forward to next month.
Looks good, but I am not a fan of the "magnifying glass" style of comic book viewers.
@Buffyfantic, that's not for next month, Willow is out on December.
@pacer, maybe that's better
1st preview page
2nd preview page
3rd preview page
Links are from EW's site.
Zianna, where do you see December? EW says Nov 21st
Yeah sorry, my bad.
Digging the art so far.
I'm expecting the Staff of One to come out of her chest.
Love it! Can't wait to read the whole thing :)
I'd go on an other-worldly quest to make Coke taste right if it went bad, also.
Some people had to do that back in '85. Damn you New Coke. As for the preview, despite the magnifying glass it was a nice read. I wonder how the mini-series will be collected in the Season 9 hardcovers that will no doubt come out in two or three years time.
Lol @Jelly. I miss Runaways.

The art looks nice. I think the thing I'm most concerned about is that this is going to be all about the magic and not really about Willow as a person. I mean I get that she'd be super bummed about magic but I don't feel like we've been shown her motivation enough.
@Simon Me too. Maybe they'll collect both the Willow and Spike minis in one volume?
There are some interesting possibilities for the hardcovers.

Having the Spike and Willow minis in their own volume is one of them.

The Willow mini could also be included the second A&F volume since it spins directly out of that storyline. Likewise, the Spike series could be collected in a Buffy volume.

Another way would be to combine the series like this, since there is some overlapping and crossover of the titles:

v1 Buffy 1-5/A&F 1-5
v2 Buffy 6-10/A&F 6-10
v3 A&F 11-15/Willow 1-5
v4 Buffy 11-15/Spike 1-5
v5 Buffy 16-20/A&F 16-20
v6 Buffy 21-25/A&F 21-25

Of course, if the Drusilla mini should ever materialize, it should also be included in an A&F volume, or in volume with the Spike and Willow minis.
Unless she's either misinformed, lying, or self-deluded about "the world is dying without magic," then who cares if she's doing it basically for selfish reasons?

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