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October 11 2012

(SPOILER) NYCC12: Big new Scott Allie interview about the rest of Buffy Season 9. It covers a lot of new material and new information.

Xander is going to die in the finale, I can feel it my bones.
Xander was there when the seed was broken and I can't shake the feeling that this will be played out later and that it's the reason why he's going to be crucial to the finale of the arc. No dying, though, please :(
He just compared the Kardashians to vampires, correct? Guess it's not too far from the truth, but just wanted to make sure I didn't mishear that...
They're out there man, there fucking everywhere.

That made me laugh.
In the "highlights" of the article, it says: The season's big bads are named, although there will be others.

I cant listen to the video at work...but im so curious, who are the big bads?!
We have already seen the big bad of season 9.They are Pearl & Nash and Simone.Separate big bads.Each of our pals( I think he means books) have their own big bads.But these three are the big bads of season 9.Simone for Buffy and Pearl & Nash for Angel & Faith from the sound of it.
I agree with Simon. Dead. Geshtorben. Muerte.
I despise Simone as a character.... Worst big bad, ever IMO. I miss Severin. Now THAT'S a complex baddie.
I really wish sites would print a transcript instead of just the videos.
@Buffyfantic And don't forget Whistler!
Whistler wasn't mentioned by Scott as a big bad.Just Simone,Pearl & Nash.That doesn't mean he isn't.Just Scott didn't note him here.

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