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February 18 2004

Can Angel move to another network? Whedon admits "it's a longshot" but an Angel insider confirms to TV Guide Online that 20th Century Fox are putting forward a proposal for UPN. Plus more on the Buffy plotline - Spike or Angel?.

okay my hopes are officailly up.....please dont let them be dashed.

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"...which of her undead loves would she be returning for ó Spike or Angel? "You think I'm going to tell you that? I'm not going to tell you that," Whedon says. "If she were to come back it would be to answer that question.""

Oh please, no. No happily ever after. With anyone. We vant ze pain.
Well, at least they are exploring the option. That is better than not. As for SMG, oh please let this be IF they aren't going to move the show to UPN or another network/cable channel. BANGEL should be reunited. Only real-life circumstances has kept them apart. If it is truly the end then that is the only ending that is even possible.
Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere else, but does anybody know the address (mailing or fax...or both) to contact UPN and tell them that a ME show is about the only thing that could get me to watch their network?

I was glad to read this because this is the first report that seems official that they are trying to get another network to take it. I also think it sounds promising that the UPN person had a "no comment" comment because if they weren't interested at all why wouldn't they say so. Also, Fox trying to set up some sort of offer also sounds like UPN is interested.

If they do take it, I think it would be even better to have SMG not come back this season. I understand why they'd definitely want her if it is to be the final season but if we can get another lets not rush to get her back. Also,have to agree with Prolific that "happily ever after" might be unsatisfactory to live with. I loved Buffy with Angel and I loved where Buffy was going with Spike so I'd be torn either way as to who she should ultimately chose, even though my heart feels it should be Angel. But if there is ever to be the possibility of a movie in the future, they would most likely have more eager viewers if they didn't nicely tie everything up in a bow.
only problem is the movie is just a rumor........theres not a good chance there would be one, then we would be left without closure and that would suck worse.
Oh please oh please oh please! If there's even the tiniest sliver of justice in this world, if this world has not been completely taken over by rogue Powers That Be who are moving us around like so many chess pieces, something will happen with UPN. Oh please!

What's the longest it could take for UPN to say a final yea or nay to an Angel pickup? My little heart can't take this suspense for much longer. Are we talking days? Weeks? Even a couple of months?

I also wish to know how and where to contact UPN. Anyone know?
Well, the WB let "Buffy" go after 5 years, only to have it picked up by UPN. There would be a nice symmetry to it.
VampireSucks - I'm not sure of the snail addresses but I would suggest sending postcards - faxes - emails - calls to your local UPN affiliate as well. Show them your support for the idea of Angel coming to UPN and ask them to pass it along to the network.

Check out some of the campaign pages for adrresses like and
I'm with prolific. If I had complete control over the Buffyverse, Buffy would visit LA having just married some Italian stud. Spike and Angel would both have their undead hearts broken. Eternal pain!!!

(whimpers and tears) ďWhen I heard that Angel was cancelled, I was having fruit punch, and I thought well Spike and Angel and those other vampires will NEVER HAVE anymore fruit punch that looks like blood EVER!!! Itís stupid. Itís mortal and stupid, and no one will explain to me WHY!?!?!?Ē (turns evil and all-powerful and causes computer equipment to overload)
Head that news was great. I hope UPN acepte the ofert!
I can't live without Angel.
About Sarah's return, I think that would be great! Buffy have to return to be with Angel FOREVER!!!!!!!
And I'm sure Sarah will not let us down!
I half agree with G thing. Buffy pulling a Riley and coming in married to some italian would be funny. But I would like it better if neither Spike nor Angel really wanted her anymore. Like I said before, I think Buffy treated both Spike and Angel rather shoddily at the end, keeping them both on a string, so I would be happy to see neither of them end up with her. Could be funny too...

Buffy - "Guys! Guys! I'm back!!!"

Angel - "Uhm, that's nice."

Spike - "Yeah, that's great, luv...but eh we're kinda playing poker now. Send us a postcard from Italy huh?"

Buffy: "But...but...I'm Buffy!!"

Angel - "You sure are. Anyway Spike, I see your 5 and raise you 3."

Spike - "Pff you're bluffing mate. I'll see you."

Buffy - "But don't you guys wanna know who I choose!?"

Angel - "Read'em and weep! Full house! Aces over jacks!"

Spike - "*Snicker*. Royal Flush mate, pay up!"

Angel - "How can you have the ace of diamonds!? I have the ace of diamonds! I told you no cheating!!"

Spike - "What you're REALLY pissed about is that I just cheat better than you!"

Angel - "Grrrr..."

Buffy - "Guys? I'm wearing leather pants again! Guys........? I'M COOOKIES NOW!!"

Angel - "Ok, new game, but this time *I* shuffle!"
Excellent, Ed. I think you're on to something there. I say let the two of them forget about Buffy and move on. It's about time that Angel realizes that Spike is on his side now. Batman needs a Robin, and it would be great to see them getting along while still being snarky.
Well frankly, my fantasy is that both Angel and Spike come to their senses and realize that Buffy is just to much of a good thing to risk losing and that she is more than enough woman for both of them. They approach Buffy with the idea of sharing her and with visions of them wrestling with bodies dripping with oil she agrees!! And to make sure neither is without a Buffy, they remake the Buffy bot as a back up!

My next fantasy is that I'm Buffy!!
I want the possibility of Angel and Buffy ending up together...but I don't want to actually see it.
I like the way BtVS ended- a hopeful, more-or-less happy ending, without promising anything about the future of these characters.
I'd like to see something similar with Angel. We need some major fulfillent and closure (like Buffy being more-or-less free of her 7-year-long-burden), but there needs to be a sense of the story going on past that point.
Buffy and Angel getting back together at this point- it seems too soon, and it seems too ride-off-into-the-sunset-y. It's not so much a happy ending that I don't look forward (I don't think I want the series to end with major angst), as too perfect an ending. Only when we die do our stories end, and it's annoying when a story ends so perfectly that it's hard to imagine what happens after it's over. What happens with Buffy and Angel once they get together?
I also said it seems too soon- I'm not sure it makes sense to me that, even if Angel does Shanshu, he and Buffy run right back into each other's arms. They have spent so much time apart and their lives have gotten so complicated since they were last together that it seems to me like it would take a lot of working out before they realistically became a couple again.
Again though- I don't want to possibility of them getting together in the future to be cut off.
I think the chances of Joss ending this series with Buffy and Angel definitively ending up together are pretty much nil. Joss may suggest that it's possible one day. Maybe. But Joss wrapping stuff up all nice and into the sunset-y? No way. Absolutely not. That's why we love his work so much, don't you think? I have faith that he'll continue the good narrative fight and refuse to end the Angel series with a paint by numbers happy ending.

To tell the truth, I'm more afraid of Angel dying in the finale. I think it's possible. And I don't like it.
I hope he doesn't kill off Angel - that would be too much to handle. I don't think he will thougth because he has talked about doing a Buffy feature film and I can't imagine a film without Angel in it. He has said he'd want to do a film after both shows ended and I would assume because he'd want both stars in it.
I really hope I'm wrong about this, but does anyone else think that SMG holds the key to any possible future of the series?

What I'm thinking is UPN telling Fox 'We'll carry the show... but only if Sarah appears in 3-5 episodes' (SWEEEEEEPS!).

Sadly, the most marketable aspect of Angel is the celebrities they can reign in for guest spots (I'm looking at you Alyson, Sarah). And I'm thinking like how I think a sleazy TV exec would think. Fortunately, Hannigan is very approachable, it's Gellar that's been the tough cookie.

If this is indeed the case, I would hope that Sarah would agree to do it. I mean, it's a paycheck - which she herself certainy doesn't need - however, it's also a paycheck for the mouths of the crew and cast, many of which she's worked with in some capacity.
Guys, I don't think we should go down without a fight. Rage, rage against the dying of the light etc. To that end some folks are in addtion to sending faxs, emails, and postcards,are going to rally for Angel at the WB offices. A new website is up ( only the first page is up so far) at [url][/url]
I'm in New York, not the west coast, so I won't be at the LA offices of the WB but I fully intend to be at the rally at the New York office.
Rally at the WB offices? Hah! Oh I'd love to see that. Let's make the news with that! Anyone know if this is going to happen in LA? Not that I think it will matter, but it would be great to see.

And I doubt either Spike or Angel is going to die OR shanshu. It would basically end the character and I think with whatever future plans there may be, either movies or spin offs, there's too much potential in either of them for Joss to write them out.

Plus from what Joss said I don't think he's planning on changing the ideas for this season's ending much from what they would've done if there had been a season 6, so I don't really expect anyone to die.
I am not so confident that Angel will get picked up by another network. I watched a biography on SMG and the switch of Buffy from WB to UPN came up and apparently it was something to do with the fact because of there being no other shows before BtVS to last 5 seasons on WB, Fox the producers of the show were entitled to royalties for some reason which the WB couldnít agree on. This seems kind of similar to whatís happened with Angel, just after they show 100th episode on American television they decided to cancel the show, but unlike with BtVS they have just announced its cancellation, not it moving to UPN so I believe the networks have already made up their minds and put the nails in the coffin.

(My post might seem a little stupid; I donít know much about American television networks, or the situation circumstances surrounding the move of BtVS form WB to UPN so donít jump down my throat if I am wrong.)
Spike has to be loved by Buffy. Angel's true love is his son.

I want them to be moved to UPN and we'll resolve the freakin' triangle, later---if ever.
If only UPN finishes of Enterprise for good, then they might have the money and space for Angel. I think.
cwlaurie - The Buffy thing was different the WB was in the middle of negositations with FOX for Buffy S6 but they could not agree on terms - UPN then stepped in and said it would pay FOX's asking price if it could get at least 2 seasons of the show. FOX and UPN agreed on the terms and the WB lost Buffy - they never had any intention of canceling it but they were trying to get it cheaper. In this case the WB had given Joss and FOX many outward signs that it was planning on a renewal of the series .... including inviting them to the media critics winter junkit, which is not normally done if a series is going to be cancelled. However, if you read between the lines you could see it was mostly smoke and mirrors. So FOX had not been prepared for this move and part of me thinks it Levin's way of getting back at Joss and FOX for the Buffy thing - not to mention a load of free publicity for the network and it's new vampire series Dark Shadows. What better way to get noticed in a season where you cost your parent company 10% in revenue loss then to cancel a popular show that is not made by any of your parent corporations subsidiaries.

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