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October 12 2012

First clip from 'Browncoats Unite'. EW has the scoop.

Woah, Nathan goes deep. I've actually never thought/heard of it in that way; awesome.
I've never thought of it that way either. Seems obvious now.
Ooh more thinky thoughts after all these years. Nice clip.
I've never thought of it that way either. I thought he kept them together because he was so lonely.
I've seen/heard that particular thought process before from either Nathan or Joss, but it's still very true and I definitely love how there is the deeper undercurrent to how Nathan understood the role of Malcolm Reynolds vis-a-vis what the crew meant to him :D
In the word(-s) of Topher Brink, "Huh." Never thought about it that way either.
I'm really excited after seeing this clip.

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FYI, the NYCC panel will be live streamed, Internet willing, and available afterward.
I can never get enough. After this new clip I watched the SDCC panel again and got just as teary again.
Could anyone make out what Adam said?

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