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October 12 2012

Bunnies retell The Cabin in the Woods in 30 seconds. And do a pretty job too.

That is impressive. And accurate.
And silly. Don't forget silly.
Anya must be extra horrified after seeing this.
I love 30-Second Bunnies Theatre with a love that borders on the Crazy-Stupid.

In fact, years ago I somehow managed to work them into a totally un-related WHEDONesque thread about the WGA-strike.

I've enjoyed "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Casablanca" and "A Christmas Story", but the idea of "My Dinner With Andre" in 30-second Bun-O-Vision particularly cracks me up.
This reminds me that the only monster not represented in Cabin was Anya's.
Killer unicorn with bunny ears. What's not to love. Have followed the Bunnies for years and agree, they nailed it.

Poor Anya. They've created her ultimate nightmare.

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