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October 12 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffyverse solicitations for January 2013. Includes Buffy Season 9 #17, Angel & Faith #18, Willow #3 and Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Volume 4.

Hippy Giles is not what I wanted to see at this time of night.
The Volume 4 artwork is lovely. And yay to Illyria.
Yes - Yay Illyria indeed! I might start reading the Buffy just for her.

So that's Eyghon that's on the cover with Angel. He won't be too happy to see Angel again!
So confirmation of certain speculation that has been out there.
Wow, Illyria. Didn't see that com- ahaha, I can't even keep a straight face saying that.
I asked Christos Gage on twitterif it was Eyghon on the cover and he said "No Comment!" I'm guessing ya it is lol
Finally, at last and all that! I can't get at the link right now but I do hope we get more then a parting teasing panel.

Ps side bar. Spent time at Dark Horse booth at NYCC and everyone there is really nice. Glad the Buffyverse is with them.
I can't say it's a shock, but I'm glad Illyria has arrived!
The cover for the Buffyverse Sampler is awesome!
Illyria always makes me do my happy dance but I do always think of her story as cut off partway through, like more Fred might've been due in Angel S6 alongside her - I hope with this we get to eventually see both, or at least some form of resolution as to whether Dr Sparrow was lying, are there any loopholes etc. 'This is only the first layer' Wesley dream always sticks in my head.
@AngelLovesSpike You find that story within the pages of Angel:After the Fall. I doubt Joss will return to it here.
@AngelLovesSpike Yeah, I think it's already been made clear that Fred is truly and completely gone. It was a big topic in After the Fall.
OH MY GOD! It's Illyria! Praise be to the master.
@faith in Angel I hear you, it would I think be quite jarring to just jump out of S9 to essentially jump back to Angel S5/ATF storywise, however the previous comments from whoever it was at Dark Horse (Scott Allie?) saying more would be done with the returning Angel character in the last 2 issues (I think it was 2) of S9 than the whole of Angel makes me think there may be some big deal plot point for Illyria coming up - that obviously doesn't mean Fred will reappear but Amy Acker's comments about the aborted S6 plan to have both appear simultaneously and the still not yet totally addressed issue of her soul's fate (ATF as far as I recall only dispelled the manifestation of Fred in that series as memories, not that she was explicitly forever gone) makes me wonder if Illyria's return will either this season or next lead to either a final resolution of that plot point, a reappearance of genuine Fred in some form, or both. Either way I'm hoping Illyria will stick around.

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