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October 12 2012

Buffy is one of "The 25 Most Powerful TV Shows of the Last 25 Years". Buffy is no. 11 on mental_floss' list.

Buffy included with shows that have increased organ donor rates and freed an innocent man from death row.

That's probably the most interesting "list" article that's been posted here in ages. Cheers, it was a good read.
Great article, thanks for sharing.
Simon, mental_floss is one of the greatest print and online magazines out there. I check it out every day, along with Whedonesque. Their lists are usually very wonderful, even if not Buffy-related.
Fascinating! Not at all what I expected.
Still trying to figure out how Buffy and Baywatch got on the same list, though.
Great list! So many things I didn't know, especially about the non-U.S. shows.
This is fascinating! Although just from the title, I completely expected The Wire to be on this list.
Really great article.
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Show That Spawned An Academic Discipline"

It even has its own peer-reviewed academic journal, Slayage, giving new meaning to the phrase “publish or perish".

Now that's a good line!

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