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October 13 2012

Watch the Firefly panel live at New York Comic Con. The Science Channel are showing the panel on their website and it'll kick off at around 6pm EST. There will also be live streaming on the New York Comic Con website.

I'm assuming it will actually be the same stream. But that's definitely just an assumption.
Tweet claims Sean and Jewel are there.
Tweet also suggests that Nathan's going to be in the neighbourhood.
Awww Sean and Jewel toasting each other.
Sean and Jewel on stage. Nathan via cell phone.
Nathan via cell phone.

At least so they claim...
And I guess online viewers aren't allowed to see clips from the special. Though a Firefly iPad is a nice idea.
I have an obnoxious amount of live tweeting over at @Firefly10th if anyone needs it.
That panel was so nice. :')
I really enjoyed watching that, although I wish we could have seen the clips. It's truly a marvel at how these people clearly DO think of themselves as a large family ten years after, and how much they enjoy each others' company. Apart from their interactions, it came through so clearly in Nathan's comparison of the soap opera and Firefly casts.
Ah, this is most excellent. Hard to believe we're 10 years out, though.
This needs to be online right now
b!X, that link didn't work for me.
Here's the opening with Nathan's surprise appearance
The link I linked works fine here.
We made a huge mistake not filming this in full for everyone. The word around the press room was that Sci Channel was recording it so it seemed redundant at the time!
Works now. Maybe it was my computer?

Thanks for the link, b!X!

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