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October 13 2012

IDW unveils "Mars Attacks Spike" variant cover. If you missed Franco Urru's Angelverse art, well you're in for a treat.

Overall, the variant that maybe best embodies the spirit of the project is one Ryall didn't expect to happen. "The one I was most surprised happened was that it was only a little over a year ago that the rights for 'Angel' went over to Dark Horse. That wasn't necessarily something we wanted to see happen, so we thought we could have some fun with that and tweak both the fans and Dark Horse a bit if they'd allow us to do a 'Mars Attacks Spike' cover. And so we got Franco Urru who was our big artist on those properties to do the Spike cover. I'm glad Scott Allie at Dark Horse had a good sense of humor about this, and we go to do one last cover with Spike where the Martian is about to crush a bug that Spike's hanging around with in 'Buffy.' It's all about, 'How much fun can we have with this thing?'"

Interesting that they're using Dark Horse's Spike logo.
Love it! Miss Urru's art so much.
wah, wah, I'm so buying that
I also miss Urro terribly. Loved his style.

But at least one of those damn annoying Bugs is getting flattened. :D
That's wonderful from Franco !
Pretty fun cover.Reminds me of the Spike Ain't Twilight art when Twilightgate hit.
My first thought was - how did Spike end up in Neptune and what did he do to piss off Veronica (Mars)?
Once Buffy is done, Spike needs to go on a really big space adventure. I really like Spike in space, even with silly Martians.
This looks fun. Franco! Franco! Franco! I miss his work and his collaboration with Brian Lynch, especially on Spike, so much.

Hann23, sending Spike on a space adventure was Brian Lynch's plan before IDW lost its license and the story had to be cut way short. Sounded like it would have been a lot of fun. Since they don't have to breathe, who better to go into space than a vampire?

On an unrelated note, and not wanting to open a can of worms, do you know if IDW can use the characters they created during their Angel and Spike reign (e.g., Tonks, Becks, Beta George)? 'Cause I think it'd be great to have a series with the three of them - but only if done by the Lynch/Urro team.

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