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October 14 2012

Watch some of Saturday's NYCC Firefly panel. Parts two and three can be found here and here.

Loved it. A few stories I hadn't heard before, and the panel's interaction with the Fans and each other is always such a joy to watch!
Thanks very much for posting this. It's a pleasure to avoid crowds and just sit back and enjoy the repartee!
when I click on the title/link I keep ending up back here at the thread...? Is it just me or have we lost the link? :(
Hmmm, that's odd. I still have it up in another browser. HERE is the link. Edit: Sorry about that. That has become circular as well.

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Unfortunately it looks like no longer has that footage hence the weird bounceback. I've changed the link over to some clips I found on YouTube, hope that's small comfort.
I had it embedded on my blog and the video still works, somehow.

[ edited by an0nymouz on 2012-10-16 15:45 ]
Thank you so much Simon! Those clips are cool, but for some reason (due to some unfortunate accident w/the video) they didn't include everyone hugging Nathan, which was the only clip I'd found on my own.
Oddly, embedded video still works fine. Here is the link on Tumblr.

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