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October 15 2012

Gina Torres Cast in Bryan Fuller's Hannibal. She'll be playing the wife to her real life husband Laurence Fishburne. Per the article, she'll continue with her Suits role.

I didn't know Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne were married!! Wow.
How had I not heard about this series? This is great news for Gina, and hope the show gives her interesting things to do. And Laurence already had a lot of experience dealing with a serial killer on CSI: Vegas. Awesome cast, I look forward to this.
That's fantastic. So this series has:

Bryan Fuller
Gina Torres
Caroline Dhavernas
Ellen Greene
Laurence Fishburne

I'm not particularly interested in Hannibal (thought SotL is fantastic) but this series sounds pretty can't-miss.
Jobo, it is an excellent cast, plus Bryan Fuller. It's nice to see Caroline Dhavernas back on the screen as she was so excellent in the short and lamented Wonderfalls. To bad I have no interest in the subject.

WhatsAStevedore (great name BTW), I think they were married during Season 4 of Angel when Gina was guest starring on the show. At least that was mentioned in one of the commentaries.
This is great. I was already looking forward to the series (I've always liked the books, plus Mads Mikkelsen!) and now there's another reason as well.
WhatsAStevadore---Gina and Laurence got married when they were filming "Out of Gas", that's why she was in a coma most of the episode, because she had to go on honeymoon :) I think it's on the DVD extras or else it's the commentary for that episode.
Oh yeah, that's right, it was during the filming of Out of Gas and not Angel. Thanks for supplying the correct info, Ktara.
Huh, I momentarily forgot that she was in Pushing Daisies before.

But yeah, it's nice to hear such positive news about one of Bryan Fuller's NBC TV shows, since he seems like a very simpatico beloved TV auteur whose works tend to not survive.

While I'd personally have been more interested in his Munsters reboot/pilot banished to the 26th, he's assembling such an interestingly weird cast for this Hannibal series that maybe it would be more interesting than what I'm worrying.

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