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October 15 2012

Is someone actually trying to make animated Firefly happen? Sean Maher tells the NY Post: "I know somebody who is actually trying to get that done, who has approached Joss [Whedon, the creator] about it. He used to work with Guillermo del Toro." You guess is as good as mine what that's all about, or not all about.

I saw this--very weird. Not holding out hope, but it would be pretttty cool.
In the right hands, I think animated Firefly could be pretty great.

Speaking of people trying to bring Firefly back, I've been periodically checking the "Firefly: A New Beginning" Facebook page and it's indicated there that the project's been greenlit. Any further word on what's going on there?
That project raised $58 of its $1M. That weird greenlight post happened a month ago with nothing since. So, no. No further word.
Ha! Love it, Matt! I'm sure b!X or gossi already has it registered.
I still want my damn Buffy toon!
I really don't mind repeating myself: This needs to happen! #FireflyReanimated
I've always thought Firefly would be great in animation. I hope something comes of this...
Animation would be cool. But what I really wish is that there were novels, guided by Joss. I'm happy for the comics, but I'm really more of a novel person (in both senses of the word).
Probably someone who worked on the two animated direct-to-DVD Hellboy movies.
At first blush I was against the idea, but then I remembered Cowboy Bebop and am 100% sold on Firefly animated.
It would make up for Universal canning the animated Serenity prequel back in '04.
If this is true, I'd assume it's most likely the people from the animated Hellboy movies. But rights are an issue, and something tells me this will be difficult to get going.
Or he could just be pulling a Tudyk.
I just recently finished watching the two animated series & movie adaptations of the Ghost in the Shell universe (and I'm still smiling from all the subtle Bladerunner/Alien references) so please, yes.
I watched a Clone Wars cartoon for the first time the other week and was very impressed with the dialogue and animation. If it can be done to that standard, I'd be very happy.
I can imagine little that would make me more happy than a Firefly animation, especially if the cast would return to do their voices and if Mutant Enemy writers would be involved.
Even if this were true, could Joss even work on it? Didn't he just singed an exclusivity deal with Disney for the next 3 years.
As far as I remember, it didn't cover web content. I'm no expert but let's say Netflix commissioned an animated series, then they could show it online and Joss could involved. I think.
I still think 20th Century Fox (Films, not TV) should run with this, and make a film in the same style as either "The Iron Giant" or "Titan AE" (which Joss wrote). Fox made both those films and had a modicum of success with them. Fox holds the rights, after all, and this would be a way for them to make money and save face for the whole TV handling fiasco. JMHO...
If it were animated I really hope it would be traditionally animated. 3-D animation is fine as far as it goes (and with people like PIXAR it goes pretty far), but I think the verse would be beautiful drawn by someone's hand.
From IMDB, the full cast listing of the 2 Hellboy Animated movies if you want to look through and guess who the missing link might be:
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms
Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron
Because as GreatMuppetyOdin pointed out, if it's someone who worked with Guillermo del Toro & animation based, chances are they are talking about the Hellboy Animated movies.

Here's the trailer to Blood & Iron to see what they looked like. Of course the look of the animation would obviously differ depending on what animation studio they went with and the initial designs.

Note the Hellboy DVD movies were unfortunately, not successful enough to greenlight a 3rd DVD, despite a really great story planned.
The novelists who were due to write 'Firefly' tie-in novels would like that option, I'm sure. And the three I've spoken to personally had great ideas [sigh]. [Keith R A DeCandido, Jim Swallow and Terri Osbourne]

I'll take animated 'Firefly'! Just imagine - a lush, Studio Ghibli type production. Woah...
This could be really cool and they might even be able to work around everyone's schedule so they could actually do the voice acting.

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