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October 15 2012

Whedonites listed at #12 in Vulture's "25 Most Devoted Fan Bases" list. Whedonesque is mentioned as the fandom's "main hangout".

Such a bull***t list. There is no way that Game of Thrones is ahead of Harry Potter or Star Wars. No way that Hunger Games is ahead of Star Trek or Whedonverse.

And where is Supernatural, one of the biggest fandom online? Glee should also be on the list. Stargate (3 shows), Lost and BSG have also a much bigger fanbase than Lil B or The Real Housewives.

And don't get me started on mangas, cartoons and comics. X-Men, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Batman, Superman, Avengers, Avatar The Last Airbender,...
And where is U2 or Coldplay or Mumford & Sons or Eminem?

And there is no way that True Blood beats The Boss's fandom. Trust this almost Jersey Girl and recovering True Bloodie.

Heck I don't even think Charlaine Harris likes the show any more.

And what about Elvis? Weren't impersonators the first cosplayers?

I'm finding the Internet wearisome today.

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I don't really understand Game of Thrones at #1 either. If the main argument is waiting for the books, why title it the Game of Thrones fanbase over A Song of Ice and Fire? /petpeeve
Wonkifying entries just to be provocative is my #2 pet peeve with regard to on-line 'best of' lists...after use of distracting fonts.
Taking these fluffy lists seriously enough to get worked up about them is my pet peeve, Brett. :)
This stuff is kind of hard to quantify. I love Game of Thrones, but I'm not a big part of the fandom. Whedonites are #1 on my list. Obviously.
Throwing all entertainment fandoms together in the ranking, including music seems a bit strange. hann23 put together a good list and U2 is certainly a big one if you are talking music.

Game of Thrones does seem a bit strange at #1. Most of the others I think where exactly they are in the ranking is debatable, but most don't seem that far off except for putting Game of Thrones (which I like and I'm a fan of).
And what about Elvis?

Yes exactly! Elvis has a pretty hardcore fandom, still.
I was going to complain about Joss being #12, but then my mind was blown by Star Trek being #14 (the Trekkies invented fan conventions!). But I do agree, Elvis has hard core fans, anyone who has been to Graceland knows how serious they are.
Eh... I'd personally have a really hard time choosing between GoT/ASoIaF and Whedon, but as a long time follower of both of them (I don't post much, but I've been here, and there, and everywhere...), from my observations I would honestly say that this fanbase is quite a bit more devoted. I would still expect to see both up there, but well... The reverse would be more accurate. Not exact. Just more accurate.

I'm just as impatient for S.H.I.E.L.D. to come out as I am for TWoW...
I've never even heard of Lil B, and I'm willing to bet I'm not nearly alone. Clearly there isn't too much noise being made in that corner.
The craziest and most devoted fans I have ever come across were Michael Jackson fans. They seemed to believe he was some kind of God. A look from him would send them into hysteria.

I call foul on this list though. Star Trek fans, I am sure most would agree, invented the modern fan culture. Like Firefly fans, Star Trek fans refused to let the show die, and 11 films later here we are. Probably the first fans to have a group nickname - Trekkies(ers?)

Let's see where Twilight, Justin Belieber et al are in 46 years (Justin will have died of cocaine use by then)

We are, all of us, living in the shadow of Trekkies.

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It's not about size. " It's important to underscore that this list is not about mere numbers ó itís about fervency."


I liked the list and thought it seemed researched. I don't know if it's correct, but the Joss Whedon part sounded legit, so I assume the rest is well thought out as well. I haven't really experienced the other fandoms, so I can just assume the writer did his/hers research.
One positive of the list, I had fun thinking of all the bigger and older fandoms out there.

@Andy Dufresne, you are right, who could be more hard core then Trekkers? 11 films on a canceled TV show....

Another diehard, crazy old fandom, Beatles....

I think some young kid wrote this.
who could be more hard core then Trekkers?

Sherlock Holmes fans.
As I said on Mefi: what a bonkers list. Nice to get a mention, though.
I'm thinking "chocolate" should have been on the list. I have some pretty rabid chocolate fans in my office, (and they don't even watch the show). ;)
Crawleys, Footmen, Dowager Countesses, Dowtonians, Earls of Grantham...
I'm sorry this list made me realize that Downton Abbey fans need a name.

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