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October 16 2012

Overheard at New York Comic Con 2012's Firefly Panel. Highlights from the NYCC Firefly Panel

It's been almost ten years since Firefly aired and almost ten years since it was cruelly cancelled, but its Browncoated fans are still passionate as ever about Joss Whedon's space Western. It turns out that the cast of the former Fox show is equally passionate....

Jewel is hilarious.
so miss that show.
Nathan gets A Serious Bunch of The Kudos for this:

"Iím going to need a well-appointed tropical island for which every year a cruise ship would arrive with Firefly fans. And it would have a replica of the ship for which we could play out scenes from the show."

Because, see, I would kind of like to do that. And play with props and stuff.


Nathan really seems to like his fans, which is pretty nifty-neato. Well, they all seem to, but he wants us to have an island, a cruise ship and a Serenity. That's big. And mighty friendly-like.

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