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October 16 2012

Boreanaz, Hannigan, and NPH makes EW's list of "TV Stars With More Than One Signature Role". Angel and Willow get nods here (in addition to Seeley Booth and Lily Adrin, respectively), though Dr. Horrible goes curiously unmentioned.

In which EW is revealed to stand for Entertainment Whitey.
Let's not forget Malcom Reynolds and Richard Castle to go among those entertaining 'Whiteys'! Also, it is annoying that Dr Horrible doesn't get mentioned, but I find it awesome how NPH's Twitter pic has been the good Doctor for so long.
Yeah, what's with the lack of Nathan?
That just reminds me of how much I miss Al Bundy.
Don't forget Doug Savant, Guest star of Firefly.
That is a gr8t honor to be able to have 2 successful shows. Alyson & David there work is amazing and there resuma is proof of that. Some ppl on the count down didn't feel deserved it. NPH definitly deserves it as well.

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To be fair, Dr. Horrible pulled a .2 share. Both Doogie and Barney would have found themselves cancelled had they done the same. I Love Dr. H and there are certainly fans, but I'd put both of those shows as defining NPH television career.
Well, also worth noting one YouTube video of Dr H has 3.6 million viewers. And it's one of many pirates.
My theory is Willow and Lily wouldn't like each other much. Tara and Marshal would get along great but eventually they'd realize how uncomfortable their "spousen" were and take the hint. Tara before Marshal. (Like Andy Cappp, I live in a world of my own.)

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