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October 16 2012

Tom Lenk joins Lifetime's 'Witches of East End'. He'll be playing a recurring role on the pilot.

So he's a young, gay Giles? Cool. Cool cool cool.
I was just getting ready to post this; I'm so excited for Tom! I hope 'Witches of East End' is awesome (ie picked up and runs forever). I'd definitely watch.
Not trying to be picky here, but how do you book a recurring role on a pilot? It's kind of a poorly worded sentence, no? He shot the pilot, with him being a recurring character if it goes to series.
And the wonderful Mrs. Shawna Trpcic is the costume designer on this pilot as well :)

ETA: Mark, you're not wrong. In the industry, a pilot is more 'a show that hasn't been picked up' than it is 'the first episode of a show (that may or may not be picked up)'. When they use the term 'pilot' they're not just referencing the episode they're making, they're referencing the potential series as well. It's assumed that his roll will only recur if the show is picked up to series. It's silly and confusing, but very few in showbiz ever care about being specific. Except the lawyers.

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