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October 17 2012

Firefly, the tragic love of your life. CollegeHumor imagines what it would be like if TV shows were relationships.

It would be funny, but it just too true. :(

I've never watched most of the shows they mentioned, but I liked the parts about Lost and the Simpsons.
Agreed LadyJay. It's too painful to be funny.

Thankfully, my Firefly wasn't eaten by a fox. She just left me. I guess that's better.
"But she's never coming back (Firefly). Ever."

Oh how wrong some people can be......
Really clever article.

But Firefly did come back, as s movie and as comics, so I guess she went into a coma, woke up, died, and now her ghost comes back to visit sometimes.
A smile to the Firefly bit but, though spot on about its many faults, the writer didn't grant Glee its due at all.
My fav was the Lost description.
Ha all perfect. Lost and Glee especially. Glee perfect for blind date because it is so disturbing when friends think you would love it, and then it quickly becomes, "That's what you think of me??"
I'm just glad to see Firefly on the list, because it is my one true love.
Glee has had a very many amazing (mostly musical) moments and has handled some stories deftly, most notably that of Kurt and his relationship with Blaine. In so far as any piece of entertainment can be an important part of social progress, the show boldly excelled in that respect.
"Tragically eaten by a fox." Snrrk.
@embers - wishing again there was a like button for posts here.
I won't deny that Glee has had some good moments. Unfortunately, those moments seem to be buried in a whole lot of blech! The first season had a lot of promise, but in season two they started having all those episodes dedicated to individual performers, most of whom I didn't like to start with. That's when I quit watching.
I agree with the whole lot of blech, as I noted in the first of my two prior posts on the show. I guess the distinction is whether one considers the moments that work being merely interspersed with or actually as you say buried by it.

Season 4 so far is, btw, even worse, with the added incongruity of the New York scenes being played for drama, not the satire of the Ohio scenes and to my eyes and ears, no magic at all in any of the musical numbers.
"Tragically eaten by a fox" made me laugh.

Maybe that's a sign that I've found closure?
Still hurts too much (losing Firefly).

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