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October 17 2012

Firefly cast and writers discuss nudity in "Trash". After 5,000 tweets to a specified hashtag, Science Channel releases a clip from the roundtable discussion they shot for November's anniversary special.

Nice discussion. Touches a serious element other than being a funny anecdote, since there is a huge difference between how men and women are treated when it comes to nudity and sexuality. Men are almost not allowed to be shy or have their privay respected.
I can't actually see the clip for some reason, but Skytterflickan, I'm surprised you'd say that - don't women have to undress in films a lot more often than men do? Female nudity in films seems a lot more accepted, whereas male nudity is still considered a Very Big Deal. Women certainly can shy away from doing a nude scene, but men are rarely even asked to do one...
The clip discusses how sets will clear everyone not essential to filming, for a female nude scene, but Nathan claims the set was even busier than normal for his.
Roger Ebert once said that any male nude scene becomes a documentary...
Ah. That makes more sense.
Ask Alan Tudyk about his nude scene in "Death at a Funeral". He was given no privacy at all and people were actually walking around looking at him and pointing - really rude. He talked about it in more detail in an interview around the time the movie came out. One of the things I remember him saying is that a woman is always given something to cover herself with when they're not actually filming, but he was just left standing there naked the entire time.
Based on my 7+ years of working sets in the NY fashion/art photography scene alone, I can whole heartedly agree that there is a definite gender gap when it comes to how nudity/near-nudity is handled IRL, and it's not in the direction that I suspect most lay people would think.

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