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October 18 2012

A Q&A with Dollhouse's Harry Lennix. He chats about growing up in Chicago, his new movie 'Mr. Sophistication', why he wouldn't want to play Obama, his love of Superman and more.

I absolutely do not see why he couldn't play Superman, and until the day we can picture a Harry Lennix playing Superman we have not reached the society some of us dream of. Who says all the inhabitants of Krypton have to be white.
I absolutely do not see why he couldn't play Superman,

He is 48.

Who says all the inhabitants of Krypton have to be white.

They're not from what I recall. DC were pretty ham-fisted about it at the start but from what I can remember there is a now racially diverse Krypton. Grant Morrison has been doing 'Obama as Superman' in Final Crisis and Action Comics if you're interested.
I have lost most of the respect i had for this man... Kidding! Good interview, even best interviewed one. Love this actor. I saw him on Titus the other day, and he did the best acting of the lot, and it was a very good cast... I do think Blues Brothers is a very, very great movie, and couldnt care less about the AFI´s 100 lists of best movies of all time (not the movies listed, just the list itself as some kind of authority on the matter), but thats an irrelevance i just felt the need to comment on, cause i just adore the Blues Brothers. ;)
barboo, I don't think he talked about not being able to play Superman because he's black, which is where you seem to be going. Like Simon pointed out, he's 47. And the Superman role belongs to Henry Cavill until Hollywood decides otherwise.

I didn't read that as a statement regarding race at all and I'm confused as to how anyone interpreted it that way.
When he said 'at this point' regarding not playing Superman, it could mean a lot of things. His age, the fact that someone else is already playing the part, and so on. I didn't get the impression that he meant that there wouldn't be acceptance of a black Superman. Whether he meant it or not, however, it does seem true that there is a lot of resistance to casting actors whose appearance is at odds with the physical description or depiction of a character in a book. Appearance still seems to count in some deeply depressing ways. And a lot of people still seem to react in ways that buy into concepts of race. And a lot of people are racist - both consciously and unconsciously. There were a lot of peculiar things being said about the casting of The Hunger Games. Absurd things. Harry Lennix could well have had such things in mind, along with everything else. I wouldn't like to guess.

I loved Harry Lennix in Dollhouse, and the other things that I'm seen him in. I should probably start tracking down his work. In Dollhouse he has a wonderful, somewhat off kilter, charisma. He sounds like a smart and appealing fellow and I share his special fondness for Superman.

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