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October 18 2012

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith #15 preview pages. CBR has the preview pages up for A&F issue 15, which is out on 31st of October.

As I've been expecting,this issue looks like it will be a big and intense one.

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This issue seems great. Really missing Rebekah's art, but this seems like the issue that explains the Big Bads of Angel and Faith. Amazing :)
Woah. What??! Ew.

My head is spinning a little.
Any call-backs to "Twilight" that don't involve Willow tearing Angel a new one, upset me.
You know part of the reason I'm liking Angel and Faith more than Buffy this season?

Angel and Faith actually has a true Big Bad, and they're a really great Big Bad to boot.
Has there been any part of Angel's life where he hasn't been manipulated?

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