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October 18 2012

Amber Benson interview on Dust Up and Buffy. She talks about her movie career, Buffy experience, interacting with fans, Shakespeare readings at Joss' house and much more.

Damn, I was off the mark. In a thread a couple weeks back about the readings I pontificated on Amber being a Gertrude possibly and Emma Caulfield being a Lady Macbeth. But Tara as Lady Macbeth I can see. Wish Amber came back as the First for 7th season so we could see some wickedness out of her.
TBH I was unpleasantly surprised to read that Amber didn't get some roles due to her portraying Tara
anca, I'm not surprised, but it's a damn shame, and a testimony to the depths of sheer loathsome stupidity to which the human race is aspiring.
This was a lovely interview; Amber always comes across so naturally and also has interesting things to say. As for re-watching 'Seeing Red', some of us kinda like the pain...

I'd also like to see a great gay action hero in a big action film. Gay Perry (his nickname) in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang wasn't quite it.
I have *got* to get busy on my screenplay...ooops, should've read the article first, that's not what I'm doing but I still need to write it and shop it around, it has a major GLBT hook at the start and comes back to it at the end but isn't "about that."

Hmm, the baby dies - I think I know which movie that is, sad but still won't stop my getting it when I've the chance.

Sigh, VOD isn't a option for me since I use library aand work computers and am not hooked in, don't evne have a phone.

Joss once said Emma never really came out to the house so ipso facto she wouldn't play anyone in the readings. Amber did apparently do Desdemona to J.'s Othello. And Amy played a serious bitca-queen (Lady Capulet?) which got Joss imagining illyria.

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