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October 19 2012

Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy sidekicks. Topher gets some well deserved attention in this SFX list.

Awww, gotta love Topher. Most of my favorite lines on Dollhouse are Topher's.

I also love Bob the skull so much, though not nearly as much on the show as in the books.

Looking at that list, I wish there were more great women in sfi-fi/fantasy.
I thought Harry Truman would be a shoo-in for number one, and he wasn't even in the list. Could it be I'm out of touch?

The phrase "sci-fi and fantasy sidekick" just makes me think of Truman's "I'm beginning to feel a bit like Dr. Watson" line in episode two.
"hell it’s even Helo who’s instrumental in helping Lee Adama lose the world’s least convincing, most dramatically unnecessary stress weight"

LOL! Too true. I hate how often tv shows turn to the "overweight = evidence a character is miserable" trope. But I get a giggle out of remembering that moment in the Buffy Season 8 comics when Buff and Andrew are driving and Andrew's talking about D and Lee...

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