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October 19 2012

Alyson and Michelle in Costume. CNN gallery with pics of celebs in their Halloween costumes, including Alyson Hannigan and Michelle Trachtenberg.

What is Michelle supposed to be?
According to the article:

The actress brought Tim Burton's "Blue Girl With Wine" piece of artwork to life in New York.
Yeah, Michelle's costume last year, of Tim Burton's painting, made me a fan. Incredible. That and her performance on Weeds.
Here's link to the Tim Burton painting in question. It part of the Tim Burton Exhibit that was seen at MOMA in New York and the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto. Not sure if it toured anywhere beyond that.
Alyson and Satyana are the cutest duo ever! And am I the only one hoping to see Michelle in more Whedon shows/movies? She is so beautiful and talented.
I tried clicking on the links and just got trapped by nuisance programs.

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