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February 18 2004

(SPOILER) Cancellation bites. "There are many appalling ironies here — not the least of which is that this smart, stylish entertainment gets nixed the same time the reality-romance genre’s revolting answer to dwarf-tossing, The Littlest Groom, debuts."

"The Littlest Groom"? Do I even want to know what the hell that is?
No. You really don't.
It's a portent of Armageddon. Nothing less.
You know, *every* and I do mean *every* critic who has denounced the cancellation of Angel mentions how low our tv-watching society has come to by mentioning the bottom-feeding that is "reality tv". Why doesn't this translate to the public? So now we're stuck with...romancing the dwarf?!
Yeah it has at least been rewarding to see that every single article out there from TV critics or commentators about the cancellation of Angel has been saying what a pity it is, what a shame and what a surprise and how empty tv land is without it.

You'd think maybe the networks would notice that.

And the Littlest Groom..........yeah.....I had the misfortune of seeing a trailer for that....basically "Who wants to marry a dwarf". And the EXCITING thing is that the female candidates are not all dwarves themselves!!! Oh the dramatic tension it will create!!

Funny isn't it? Between this and the other reality shows and the'guts-and-worm-eating' crap....I'd say the old fashioned Freak Shows are back. Only thing missing is a guy yelling "Come and see! The Worm eating man!"
Look how LOW this whole reality tv crap is coming to, its bad enouf that i have a dawrf living next door, now i sadly have to watch one, sad, short,most likely depressed, and such an idiot to even try to find love on TV, guy actually get veiwers watching this stuff??? it MUST be pitty.......pitty....pitty....pitty...GO ANGEL the show il only watch YAY!!! LOL
I'm beginning to think there should be a test for people to be allowed to have a tv. As in, if all you're going to watch is reality tv, you're not allowed to have a tv...
The article should probably be spoiler tagged...right? Being that if you're the "Not watching the previews, want to be completely surprised about what's coming up" viewer, you won't want to read about tonight's episode. Unless we don't count whatever you could see in the commercial as a spoiler, in which case, feel free to call me wrong.
Posted twice. Oops.

[ edited by VampiresSuckLOLOLGetIt on 2004-02-18 23:00 ]
VampiresSuckLoLoLGetIt - you are right - I should've put a spoiler tag on this because it does mention tonight's episode so I just added it. So sorry to anyone if I wrecked the upcoming episode for you!
lowest common denominator=the most money. I too thought the Littlest Groom was a joke when I first heard about it. sadly, it is not.

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