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October 20 2012

Predicting the nominations for the 2013 Oscars. Awards Circuit thinks that The Avengers could be nominated for "Best Sound Mixing", "Best Sound Editing" and "Best Visual Effects".

Avengers better win all three. Just saying.
I hope The Avengers win something. It will be tough.

The Dark Knight Rises could prove difficult to beat because voters will feel like it's their last chance to award Nolan's trilogy.

And don't forget movies like Life of Pi, The Impossible, Prometheus, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall and even The Hunger Games. They are all contenders for these technical awards.
It will be nominated for best picture and best director.

Nah, i dont think so either (not tha it doesnt deserve it in my view) but somebody had to say it... ;)
I think the work on The Hulk alone warrants a 'Best Visual Effect' nomination (and hopefully a win). The Academy doesn't like to award Oscars to 'genre' (particularly Comic Book) movies, but it is hard to ignore a movie as successful as Avengers.
It will probably be competing against The Hobbit in all those categories as well.
Did this person see all these movies? I like the list, some parts are very interesting and seem well thought out, but kind of weird to see such early predictions. Makes me nervous for Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty. I would think they'd be up for more awards if they'd be as good as I'm hoping. It's depressing that Les Miz and Lincoln are probably automatics instead.
@narky Whoa! The Avengers certainly deserves something, and genre stuff does generally get shortchanged at awards, but it should NOT be depressing that Les Mis has a chance at winning! Almost everything about that project sounds amazing. The people making it most definitely have their heart in the right place. Live singing on set? Check. No replacing songs with dialogue although that'll make the film much more difficult to sell? Check. Count me in. (Now just hoping the finished project does not let me down.)

Signed, "Can't decide if I love genre shows or musical theatre more, but hey, Joss is a fan of both, too!"
True, but I think Joss agrees that Les Miserables is just not good... so doesn't really matter how well they are doing it (I think it's mentioned through Spike in "A Hole in the World"?).
That is the most annoying presentation of the lists. Why can't a list just be a list, instead of a bunch of links within links?
Nebula1400, look on the left-hand side.
Lorne makes some disparaging remarks about Andrew Lloyd Webber. I don't recall Spike (or anyone else) mentioning Les Mis.
It rang a bell so I looked up the transcript.

Back to the mother country. Hey, after we save Fred, we should hit the West End, take in a show.

I've never seen Les Mis.

Trust me, half way through the first act, you'll be drinking humans again.

Ha. I guess I need to re-watch A Hole in the World.

Some day.

When I am too happy, and need a little extra pain and anguish. :-P

(However, Spike's dislike for Les Mis does not necessarily mean that Mr. Whedon dislikes it.)
I hope for best screen play.
He said in an interview that he wasnt a fan of Les Mis;
I hope it wins at least a couple of awards. It doesn't look likely to be acknowledged in anything other than the technical categories, but hypothetically would the screenplay be considered original or adapted? Surely the screenplay is deserving if one thinks about it as a near-impossible adaptaion.

I don't think it stands a chance at Best Sound Mixing, seeing as it's up against a sung-through musical that will combine live on-set singing with studio orchestrations tailored to the singing, plus all the other regular sound-effects. Yeah, I don't know if Hooper's film will be any good, but Les Mis is something I wholeheartedly disagree with Joss on.
The sound Sound Mixing Category is about the post-production mixing. Avengers' mixing wasn't exceptional, and Les Mis may not be either. If Avengers is nominated for it, I wouldn't expect it to win. Also worthy of note: usually, but not always, the winner of one of the sound awards wins both.

It would be an adapted screenplay nomination, if any.
Les Mis is something me and Mr. Whedon will have to disagree on, then. I can live with that, since we agree on so many other things.

(At least South Park's Trey Parker is a fan... And at the end of the day I'd definitely take Joss's opinion over Trey's on many, many topics (such as feminism and genre TV), but when it comes to musicals and songwriting, Trey wins it for me hands down. AlthoughILOVEdrhorrible! *ducks and covers*)

Unless The Hobbit really blows everything else out of the water, I think Avengers should be in with a good chance for the technical stuff. Unfortunately I think it has about a 0,1% chance for any of the major awards. Such is the lot of genre fiction. :/
"Spider-Man 2" won the Best Visual Effects Oscar back in 2005, and that was part of the 'genre' the Academy likes to shun.

It's a safe bet that "The Avengers" will get nominated for all three technical awards, but whether it wins is another story.

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