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October 20 2012

Cosmic horror in the Buffyverse. Biff Bam Pop! touches upon Lovecraft's Cosmicism in the Angel episode 'A Hole in the World'.

Ten years ago, there was speculation about Lovecraft influence on Buffy Season 7 (based on spoilers that came out in the summer of 2002 and how the first few episodes were panning out).

Here's one entry about it - link.

I confess I never saw shades of Lovecraft/the Cthulhu mythos in "A Hole in the World." Illyria is far too coherent and cohesive to be an Old One in the Lovecraftian sense, even an Old One shoehorned into a human body.
I don't see it as Lovecraftian either. Those stories are about entities that are so alien that they barely acknowledge humanity. Any attempts to reason or understand them lead to madness. (To quote Terminator: "It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear.") If Wesley's breakdown in season 5 was not from grief, but from trying to understand and ally with Illyria, then there would be a stronger argument.

I'd say the stronger influence is Moorcock, specifically the deities of Law ("Powers That Be") and Chaos (W&H, demons). As Jasmine demonstrated, although the gods of Law tended to be benevolent, they had their own agenda, which meant they had no compunction against squashing people that got in their way.

Moorcock also had: humanity (as a mob) often being the source of violence and evil (Holland Manners elevator ride with Angel); aliens being the champions of humanity (Angel, Lorne; Elric, Corum); and the theme that mankind is better off standing on its own instead of relying on supernatural assistance.

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Also, and I understand this wasn't the point of the article, but there wasn't nothing to be done to stop it. Angel just chose not to. Like I said, it might not have been relevant to the piece, but it's a rather important detail to just pretend isn't there.

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