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October 21 2012

Teaser trailer for Iron Man 3. The full trailer will be out on Tuesday.

Trailers for trailers; gotta admire the commercialism of that... Still, super excited!
Super excited :) I must say, I'm much more excited for Phase 2 than I was for Phase 1, for obvious reasons ;)
Phase 2 already seems a lot darker...

Sign me up!!! :D :D :D
I wonder who else from The Avengers will cameo.
Looks darker than Ironman 2. I'm there!
I hated Iron Man 2 for its' lackluster, anti-climatic finale. Hope they do a better job this time.
I think trailers for trailers are the perfect example of how ridicules movie marketing has become, at least they don't give away the entire plot of the film I suppose.
Still, Shane Black writing and directing is the reason I'm looking forward to this film (Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang is one of the most over-looked films of the past decade). Not sure how involved Whedon is, I think it went into production before he was announced as 'show runner' for the Marvel Movie-verse (or whatever his title is) and he's not listed under writers on IMDb.
I will be curious if Joss gets a credit for anything(producer, consultant, whatever) for any of the Phase 2 movies. Cap 2, GOTG, and Antman would be the most likely ones.
Yeah Cap 2 onward I would think, especially as he doctored the first one's script. And does anyone else feel like what Marvel is doing is essentially making "Seasons" of movies, with each phase being a season? Who else better to helm it than Joss, right? Proper new territory in terms of franchising, and quite mind blowing if you think about how it may affect the industry at large.

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Well I always thought Buffy's plot structure was similar to comic books so its only fitting Joss gets to be involved with that on the silver screen.
Not digging the new suit. #superficialbutimportant
Looking forward to this.They're doing the Extremis storyline in this and Ben Kingsley is playing Iron Man's biggest bad from the comics,The Mandarin.
I don't like Put Pepper in Peril, but I suppose there's nothing that could make Movie Tony nearly that desperate otherwise.
I agree on the merits of Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.
We already know the first Phase 3 movie.Ant-Man.Last week Marvel offically announced a November 6, 2015 release for the Edgar Wright film.So it's the first post Avengers 2 movie
Isn't Antman part of phase 2? Theres no reason Avengers 2 has to be the end of the phase.
Yeah, Ant-Man seems to be the end, but it would seem logical, and maybe even a tradition, that the phase would end with the Avengers, after building up the the Wrestlemania-type cinematic event.
But really, who cares? It's quality superhero stuff, nonetheless.
Well,we don't know if Ant-Man is the start of phase 3 or then end of phase 2.Most of the news sites are assuming each phase ends with a Avengers film making An-Man the start of phase 3.But no one from Disney or Marvel has said it though.
As The Internet often says: JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

I'm super stoked for Phase 2. I think we're all in for a treat!

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I think it does seem weird for Ant-Man to end the cycle. I could imagine it, though, if Pym had a presence in Avengers and then his film somewhat kick-started the Phase 3 story arc (while concluding 2). That would be very cool.
Heres the poster for the film.

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