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October 22 2012

Paul Bettany (Jarvis) talks The Avengers and Iron Man. He gives a very interesting insight in the role of a voice over actor.

Cue Joss going all "Michael Bay on Hugo Weaving" on his ass ;)
I really like Paul Bettany, whatever direction or notes he gets are enough for him to do a helluva job. Joss even dialed in on Jarvis during the big fight in "The Avengers" on his commentary, about the difference in him when Tony is actually in combat. Plus, Bettany got the heart-string plucking line of the film with "shall I try Miss Potts?"

Comments on that article are a little absurd, like he's done something wrong by not having seen the films. The guy who says the stuff he's actually in aren't worth watching? Ha. Some of this MCU movies are great, but I wouldn't trade "Master and Commander" for the whole collection.
This attitude that actors aren't allowed to voice a opinion is very absurd. And Michael Bay is a idiot.

And I just watched the video and its pretty clear he isn't trying to crap on the movies despite the fan boy's reaction to the quotes I've seen on some sites the last few days.

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Clearly Marvel and/or the directors of the Iron Man movies have been happy with his work and don't want more from him (if they did they would send him the script). I think he has been a distinctive and interesting voice in all the Ironman films, but he was best in Avengers (I agree with you KingofCretins, the 'shall I try Miss Potts?' moment was poignant and still low key, very much in character for Jarvis).
What I find fascinating about Jarvis is that he's not here nor there..he's not a "person" like Pepper or Tony, but he's not just a computer, either. His "shall I try Miss Potts" line means so much more because it's Jarvis who intitiates the thought, not Tony.
Bettany said much the same thing when he was interview on the Radio 5 film show. Not specifically about the Avengers but seeing his films in general:

It does seem to be something only film/television actors have to deal with. People rarely pick up on theatre actors on whether they've watched their own performance even though, especially in West End theatre, a recording may have been made that they could theoretically go back and watch.
I wonder if musicians can listen to their own music or if writers can read their own novels. I can understand how it can be difficult to watch, listen, or read your own work for enjoyment's sake if you can't avoid remembering or thinking about the process of making it.

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