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October 22 2012

'Homeland', with Morena Baccarin, gets renewed. The show has been picked up for a 12-episode third season.

Awesome show. Guess I'll have to wait another year for them to bring the Firefly cast back together...
Morena is starting to get some great critical acclaim this season rather than only the usual comments on how beautiful she is as an afterthought. I'm thrilled for her to finally get some serious recognition.
This show is so very good, in a way that involves hurt.
Last night's episode was FABULOUS. Morena's going to have a fantastic season.
Homeland is totally on fire right now so more power to them!

Maybe, if the show goes on long enough, Morena's character may turn to prostitution and someone gives her a ride on a spaceship and there could be horses...
HOMELAND is up there with BUFFY and BSG for my all time favorite show. I'm never less than astonished to discover how it manages to top itself. Last night's was just unbelievable. But that is what I saw every week.
Maybe the best show on TV right now. Kinda surprised here was any doubt about a third season.
How are they gonna stretch the story out for another season? Especially after how the last episode ended. Im sure the writers have a plan, but the way they are burning through plot the pace feels more like a mini series than an ongoing show.
Kaan we thought that at this point last season too. :) Enjoy the ride.
Such great news! I love this show so much, I wake up 6am on Monday mornings to get my grubby hands on it and watch it before going to work.
I am shocked how fast they are moving the storyline, really. This had the potential to be strenched in so many seasons but no, they must have better and bigger stories to tell. So exciting!

And I think Morena will get a nomination this year.
They really are moving it fast. I was worried they would drag out plot points for ages and ages but no. It's like watching a show made in Britain.

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