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October 22 2012

Rotten Tomatoes updates their 75 best reviewed horror movies of all time to include 2012. The Cabin in the Woods lands at #34.

I'm happy that Cabin is being recognized. However, as much as I LOVE Shaun of the Dead - I laughed more during that than any other movie in the last 15 years - how is it in any way a horror movie? To me that's just pure (insanely good) comedy. Now, scary is The Exorcist - why is that rated so low? I saw that in a drive-in with a bunch of high school friends when it was first out and we were all scared to death.
That is a weird list. So many titles on there I wouldn't have expected, or classified as horror.

I also wouldn't have put thing with less than 100% after movies with 100% on a "Best reviewed list", just because the latter movie is older and more important.
Paranorman? I'm sorry. I saw that on the list and closed the window. Maybe I'm wrong since I haven't seen it but come on?!
ParaNorman is actually an amazing film, best animated film I've seen this year and it is actually scary. A very dark and morbid film.
ParaNorman is, indeed, an amazing film. It involves the undead, humor, guts of corpses... (albeit in stop-motion animation). It might not be a traditional horror film, in that it's viewable by kids too, but I don't see why its lack of vulgarity and graphic violence should exclude it from this list.

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