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October 22 2012

People's Choice Awards now open. First stage of voting is open for the awards and lots of Whedonverse options to vote for including The Avengers, Nathan Fillion, Castle, Bones and more.

well it would be....
1. nathan
2. avengers
3. bones
4. the rest of merry buunch if adam baldwin were nominated in chuck
5. alan tuydk in sub
No Chris Hemsworth in favorite movie actor? Shame. Writing him in . . .
For Best Movie... definitely writing in Cabin!! Though of course voting Avengers as well.

Man... best super hero category. Only 5 votes. :o(

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It's a little strange Chris Hemsworth not being nominated for favorite Movie Actor, but then he's nominated in three other categories...

Also writing in Tom Hiddleston.

But yay for all of the nominees! Whedonverse rules all.
I did a LOT of writing in - especially in the music categories. I really didn't like ANY of the choices they had available. Yeah - best super hero was hard - six Avengers and only five votes...
I added a few things, but it kept telling me to select atleast one option, which I did!

Remember to add Whedonite/Browncoats people.
Okay, how is Magic Mike in 'Dramatic'?

Also, wrote in for on screen chemistry, Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo. And it was difficult choosing five superheroes! Someone had to get left out.
Added Browncoats to favourite movie fan following.
In an another not related note, Sarah Michelle Gellar "Won" in two categories of worst tv, in the
Premios Tim Kring, of the Brazilian Podcast SpinOff ;(
Damn, I can't get to the page. I keep being taken to the site map with "page not found" even when going from the Google result of "People's Choice Awards: Nominate" or from their own link on the website

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