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October 23 2012

Anthony Head on the set of Warehouse 13? Or not? Eddie McClintock, aka Secret Service agent Pete Lattimer on the Syfy series Warehouse 13, tweeted this picture of himself with Anthony Head.

Anthony has been shooting "a couple of episodes" for SyFy in Toronto (according to his FB and Twitter) but has up till now not been at liberty to reveal what he is working on.

He doesn't half look like Liam Neeson in that pic.
Ooh, spooky.
Added/fixed details. It's a 'couple of episodes'. Yay!
The beard really suits him, I reckon.
I guessed that was the show he meant on Twitter. In that case maybe a reunion with James Marsters, as he said when he was in London a few weeks ago at a Starfury convention that he was going to Toronto next to film the end-of-season episodes of Warehouse 13.
Eddie tweeted a picture with James on the set a while ago.
Rumor has it James and Anthony are brothers in the story line !
Anthony Head on the set of Warehouse 13? Or not?

That mystery was solved for me by reading the caption: "Hangin' with @AnthonySHead...NOT on the set of #WAREHOUSE13"
If that's Tony head, I would never have recognized him with the scruff.
Did'nt the last season (4th) finished on tv recently, making this a very earlier recording schedule?
In another note, since this show had many Star Trek alumni it would be nice, if they staeted to do same with Buffy.
Simon Yes, he does. In fact, if it hadn't been stated it was Tony, I would have thought for sure Liam.

Except Tony's Twitter picture now seems to be that shot. If I understand how those things work.

flutie That doesn't mean Tony's not involved with the show. The picture could simply have been taken somewhere else, like in the parking lot, or maybe they went out for beers and Tony threw the hood up for the picture.

I wish Tony would get a regular gig on a show folks here in the States can watch without having to subscribe to a special carrier. Sigh. Curse NBC and their not promoting "Free Agents."
Brasilian Chaos Man,

That was actually a midseason finale, so they're still on season four. SyFy ordered a longer season than normal, but with a pretty lengthy break. It comes back in April.
Thanks, theclynn .
To me is weird that decision of taking a longer season in the show 4th year. Maybe ABC Family and it's crazies seasons (Numbers of episodes, hiatus, etc) is becoming a standard ;)

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