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October 23 2012

This is not the Much Ado you are looking for. A U.S. movie chain is showing the limited release of The Globe Theatre's version of Much Ado About Nothing. But somewhere between the theater's listings and the Fandango listings, a miscommunication has occurred.

I think this is actually supposed to be the "Shakespeare's Globe On Screen" version of Much Ado. Fandango has it listed under the Whedon one for many theaters, but I think that's just a giant accident. Anyway, the website for the other says it starts Oct 23rd, so... pretty sure that's what it is.
If you mean the Globe on Screen production, it's a different thing. Link here.

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I updated the entry. You need text for a title when posting here. Seems like it's a mistake. It's kinda fun to see the listing though.

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Ahhh thanks! First time actually posting on here haha. Damn. And I was so stoked.
Here's hoping that when Much Ado does play in Athens, it will be at Ciné, not The Carmike 12!
It's showing up as a 7:00 pm listing all over the place within that theater chain. Looks like it's definitely meant to be the Globe version.

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As someone who works as a Projectionist at a Carmike theater, I know our theater is playing the Globe version. Going to see it tonight to prepare myself for the Whedon version.
Much Ado About Something - a comedy wherein a distributor and a theater chain fall in love after much ado about their "Much Ado" screenings.
Hey sssdc1 - you still live in Athens? I love meeting Buffy/Whedon fans. And yes - Cine would be much better. For the booze!
The Globe production was pretty damn good. I haven't seen the filmed version - haven't quite got used to the idea - but if you want to see what a good theatrical production of Much Ado looks like, you couldn't do much better.
I quite enjoyed it, too. I laughed way more than I expected.
Just FYI: Another great version of Much Ado About Nothing is the David Tennant/Catherine Tate version from last summer. You can rent or buy a filmed digital version (sounds like it's similar to the Globe one) online here. Really looking forward to the Whedon version so I can compare and contrast!
Hey Slayer13—I'm now in DC, home of the weekly Hellmouth Happy Hour. I'm from the Athens area though, and get back there frequently for family visits and UGA alumni events. I was there last week, and I cursed when I saw this post and thought I had just missed a Much Ado screening. So I'm sort of selfishly relieved that it was a false alarm. (And I meant no offense to Carmike, I just like supporting downtown Athens when I can. Also, Ciné rocks!)
Is there a release date for our master's version?

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