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October 23 2012

Ira Glass talks haircuts, blow jobs and Buffy and Angel while making balloon animals.

This American Life's Ira Glass talks about age discrepancy in this 'Ask a Grown Man' video. The Buffy and Angel section starts around 12 minutes in.

Well, no way I can listen to this. The sounds of balloons squeaking is more than I can take.
Wow. Some thoughtful advice even as he's making little balloon animals and narrating all that.
This link had me at "Ira Glass talks haircuts and blow jobs," plus the fact that it was linking to Rookie, so the Buffy/Angel comment was actually a delightful surprise.

I love Rookie so much. Tavi (the site runner) is a teen herself, and doing an amazingly good thing for girls (and boys!) everywhere. Well, everywhere with internet access, at least.
That was weird.
This is amazing. I saw Ira Glass live at Florida State University a year ago and he made a Buffy shout out there too! He is an awesome interesting smart guy.
Am I the only non English spaeker who was scared by the expression after "Haircuts"?
This was strangely awesome.
Did he mention his wife? I thought he was gay. Well, in any orientation I love Ira Glass, and this was utterly hilarious. Glad he and Joss have gotten past that little dust-up they had over dueling movies ;) enough for Ira to through in the Buffy shout-out.
He could refer to his same sex partner as his "wife," barboo...heard it done a couple of times ;)

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There is some great advice in here. I love Ira Glass and this was such a fun video.

Barboo, Ira Glass is straight. He's married to a woman named Anaheed Alani, and has talked about it in the past in interviews.

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