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October 23 2012

Interview with 'Justified' EP Graham Yost. Includes some interesting details on Joss' rewrite work on the Yost-penned 'Speed' and teases Patton Oswalt's guest spot on the FX series.

I think that was more detail than we've ever seen before regarding Joss' script doctoring on Speed. So cheers for that.
I'm starting to suspect that Joss, instead of being famous for killing off beloved characters, should be known for awesome snark (“pop quiz, hotshot”): brings funny to the good guys, makes the characters self-aware if the situation is ridiculous, and reveals antagonist arrogance.
I'm not surprised Graham Yost gave credit where it is due. He had a pretty awesome dad. Elwy Yost. I grew up watching him (and David Boreanaz' dad too, called Dave Thomas at the time.)
Anyone else that plays a game called "spot the Joss lines" every time they watch Speed or is it just me?
This immediately made me think of what Joss had to say about Speed, and his lack of a writing credit on it, in a wonderful interview he did with Jim Kozak in 2005 (published by InFocus magazine).

The section I wanted to share is below. (You can find the full interview here. It has a much larger section on how Joss contributed to Speed in Section IV Loss of Speed).

Graham Yost [who received the sole screenplay credit for “Speed”] has always been very polite to me and very sweet but he did say to me, “You would have done the same thing.” And all I could say to him at the time was, “Well, I guess we don’t know if that’s true.” Because I’d never been in his situation. Then more than a year later John Lasseter called me and said, “I want to give all the animators who worked on the story credit on ‘Toy Story.’” And I said, “Sure.” And there are entire episodes of “Buffy” that I have written every word of that my name is not on. Which is gratifying to me because it means I finally have an answer to that. Which is, “No, I wouldn’t.”

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Yeah, credit where it is due, except when he arbitrated joss off the poster.
Well I'm not sure Yost single-handedly did so, it's just I guess they have the option to push in one way or another and apparently he opted not to split a credit in negotiations.

I remember reading other complaints about how WGA determinations work (or maybe Academy awards?) since a lot of the time they base decisions more upon the structure and concept rather than details like characterization or dialogue.

This kind of thing is why Zac Penn is apparently credited for the story in Avengers despite Joss opting to do a full rewrite. (I assume the beats of "the team gathers. To punch things-- maybe aliens and/or Loki" must have been set up pretty early on.) On the flipside, Penn's still credited for the Hulk screenplay even if Edward Norton apparently did his own draft and may have taken on a bigger role in the production.

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