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October 24 2012

'Husbands: Drawn In #1' is now available for download. Jane Espenson's web series goes down the digital comic route.

It is such a great first issue. I love the way this comic is being set up and the humor and romance is still as present as ever. Really, really great stuff.

If you've seen the web series or never have, it doesn't matter, I recommend this comic.
And Jane does it again! :D

She truly is one of my favorite writers. She has such great comedic writing chops, but can also make me cry.

And I'm so happy/proud of Cheeks!!! He's a great writer as well, and he's come so far in his career (I've been a fan of his YouTube days)!
I read this on my lunch break and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a perfect companion to the series, but fun enough to stand on its own.
Has anyone tried downloading this on the iPad app. When I click on the banner advert at the top of the app for Husbands it says that it couldn't be found. Plus the Dark Horse app is really quite shockingly poor. I wish they had just partnered with Comixology instead.
S'ok. Seems to be working now.
The Dark Horse iPad application is... not entirely great. Refreshing the store seems to take 5-10 minutes, and it doesn't say to wait.
From the preview and plot description that is... not the direction I would have expected this story to go in? Not that it's unwelcomed. I'm intrigued though-- I wonder if this story is "in continuity" if they were to get a third season.

It still has a lot of the same bantery spirit/dialogue and has a sort of effortlessness like in later episodes of the series. I'm particularly bemused by their real pop culture references, "Madonna sent the egg. Gaga did it again, but more."

As battling gay icons go that splits the difference so they both could look good or bad.

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