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October 24 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #3. It's the third part of the "A Dark Place" mini-series.

It was a good issue. Victor still has Spike's voice, and the bugs start getting their own personalities detaching themselves from any comic relief characteristic they've been having in the main title.

I don't know what has happened with the price, DH digital had it at 3,99$ some hours ago, now they give it at 2,99$, as I checked. Are they trying to prepare us for a higher price? But it's ridiculous to be asked to pay 4 dollars for a digital copy....
I hope that people who purchased it early won't be charged 3,99$.
Yeah, but they still have some issues at $3,99 BPRD, Orchid, Mind MGMT

Considering Seb's reaction Morgan already affected Spike
I just picked up my copy of the issue from my comic shop.I'll post my thoughts later( I liked the issue) but wanted to mention that it's still $2.99 in print.
My thoughts on Spike # 3.

I enjoyed the issue.I thought it was along the same lines as last issue.I liked the flashback to Spike meeting Pear and Nash and Dru's cameo.It seems sort of fitting

The present day stuff was also interesting in regards to Spike,Pearl & Nash.It makes me wonder if Spike is aware of how they worked for Twilight/Angel.

I still like the bugs.

The Spike and Morgan stuff was interesting.I like the chemistry(and I'm not talking romantic.Character chemistry) but need to see more.She does seem a seductress(which the bugs are on to).I think they are both feeling each other out with Spike starting to fall under her spell as it were by the end of it(again as the bugs worry).

This issue felt exposition heavy but IMO handled without it being dull or slow.
I loved this issue. Victor consistently nails Spike's voice. And I loved seeing Drusilla's there!! First time in the canon comics that there has been a Spike/Dru flashback? Good stuff.
Wow! How much FUN is this. Wish the Buffy book was as good as Angel Faith and Spike. This one was such a treat. REALLY feel Spike. Like the Angel and Faith book I feel like this is really moving the character and the world to new places. Didn't want it to end.
Yay! I LOVED the Drusilla cameo! We always needed more Spike/Dru flashbacks in the Buffyverse, so it's awesome and refreshing as a fan to see it happen. And Victor wrote Dru nicely too.

I'm really loving this series. It's so interesting to see Spike's internal struggle.
I loved this issue. I thought it was well-paced, and that the Morgan stuff was interesting. I love Spike's developing relationship with the bugs, and the direciton that is going in as well. Plus, the scene with Pearl and Nash at the start is dark and twisted in a fun way.

As much as I want Spike back in Buffy, (that book is feeling the lack of supporting characters), I would be happy with a Spike ongoing of this quality.

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Yeah I would DEFinitely take a Spike ongoing of this quality. And I think Buffy can be good, too, even without some of the old supporting characters.. Maybe we just need to give someone else a crack at it.
I definitely agree someone else needs to take a crack at the Buffy title, Andrew Chambliss just isn't getting it right for me. I think the exact same storylines would have worked with someone else writing.
I wasn't happy about Spike getting sent off to his own series, but now I love it! I kind of liked the bugs all along and now I really like them, and overall this was my favourite of this month's issues. Admittedly I wasn't too thrilled with the other two, but still-- I completely enjoyed this one.
It is still taking me FOREVER to get the issues, so very late but I really enjoyed this issue. Good stuff. A pleasure to read and look at.
Like most others I would prefer Spike interacting with the other characters I know and love, but since Spike alone is better than no Spike at all I still prefer it to Season 8.
On the other hand Buffy alone, or absent even, as she is in her own title now, is not working for me. Give the girl back her people ffs.
Finally read this. Spike and Dru's voices seemed a little off to me--nothing too bad, the wording just felt a little wrong in places. And I honestly don't like the bugs. They were fun as a joke, but they don't work for me as ongoing characters. I hope they can fly off happily into the sunset soon, and leave Spike to some earthbound adventures for a while.

The succubus-demon has potential to be an interesting character, though. I'm kinda hoping she and Spike will have a fling .... mostly because I expect it will go horribly wrong somehow. Is sex with a succubus as disastrous as sex with a thricewise, I wonder? :-D

And what does happen if you have sex with a thricewise, anyway? Since Dawn never had sex with Kenny, we still don't know. O_o

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