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October 24 2012

Ming-Na Wen to star in S.H.I.E.L.D.. She'll play Agent Melinda May.

Oh I'm so glad, she is wonderful. She was very scary on 'Eureka', so we know she can play those gray areas Joss loves so well. I'm looking forward to this show a lot!
OMG! Mulan! She was FANTASTIC in "The Joy Luck Club". So psyched!!
I liked her in Stargate Universe. Also an alliterative name in a comic book tv series? Hee.
Cool. I've never seen anything she's ever done (I've never seen as much as one minute of ER), but cool all the same!
Oh wow. I only caught some of her ER role early on but I recognize her from voicing Mulan. And hey, an Asian character among the core cast of a new genre show that's likely to be a hit. That is welcome news.
Neat! They can call her Mayday...
Tom's daughter from As The World Turns. :)
I'm fairly pleased too. She is not only a great actress with pretty great range (granted most of the non-sardonic comedy coming to mind is from Mulan) but the matter of her being an ethnic minority (and particularly Asian) helps with portraying a slightly more representative weird reflection of our own reality.
She definitely brought a great element to Stargate Universe. So far so good!
I used to like her, but the last few roles I've seen her in were all characters I absolutely despised. It's silly, but I now groan when I see her in something because I've associated those hated characters with the actress. Hopefully this will break that stigma.
I enjoyed her performances in Eureka and Stargate Universe. I think that she's able to portray complicated characters very well.

And I'm pleased that she's now part of the Whedonverse.

Only sad bit ... I've been reminded yet again that Syfy yanked SGU. Still bitter.
Well I'm totally against this uncharacteristic revamp of Aunt May.
Ming-Na was good in SGU, even though I didn't quite like how they wrote the character.
It's Chun-Li dammit! And the Final Fantasy movie. Video game references all around!
Dr. Chen, wow. Never totally blew me away on ER, but more of an underwritten role. Definitely had good moments. Can see this working for sure. Gravitas.
I'm not familiar with her work outside of Mulan, but casting announcements are always thrilling! And it's refreshing to see an Asian actor playing a major role, particularly in such a high-profile project. By the way, do we know when SHIELD is slated to air yet?
I'm not famillar either with her work but I'm sure she'll be great.It is exciting that casting has begun.Are they trying to get this pilot put together for next T.V. season?
She already has ties to the 'verse - she was in the made-for-TV movie Vanishing Son II with none other than Harry Lennix. (That movie also starred Dean Stockwell, Jamie Walters [as his son; kind of ironic, since earlier Jamie had played a young Al Calavicci, Dean's character, in Quantum Leap], Russell Wong and Tamlyn Tomita.)
Nobody's Asian in the movies
Nobody's Asian on TV


guess Mo got her wish for things to change a little :D
Congrats to Ming-Na Wen. I've always enjoyed her acting.

I can't be the only one hoping the next cast announcement is Cobie Smulders reprising her role as Maria Hill when HIMYM is finished, surely. (And that then they'll be announcing the people cast as the street level Marvel heroes that can't support there own movie at this stage like Luke Cage.) If only.
Fantastic news! Loved her in ER!
So... given that they seem to have found the Big Guy (at least going by my totally-overthinking-it reading of the so-far known character list) out of what I suspect is probably some form of a Four Temperament Ensemble - who do you think the next character role to drop will be? I guarantee you that there's a pecking order when it comes to which characters are safe to cast in advance of others. I'm just intrigued by the idea of possibly predicting what the patterns for the casting of this series might be.

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I would love for Maggie Q to star, but that won't happen anytime soon considering she's still working on Nikita (such an underrated show)
Great choice. Always been a fan.
KaileeA42, it seems like they are planning to shoot the pilot in the next few months and if everything works out then it would be picked up for next fall.

Gouki, if Cobie was to be cast it will be really late in the game because it would probably be in some kind of secondary position to HIMYM. I also think it would be good for HIMYM to wrap things up this year but that is in no way a sure thing. Will be interesting to see how that develops.
Yeah, IrrationaliTV, I'm pretty sure Cobie has an air tight contract w/HIMYM which would prevent her from taking a starring role on any other TV show while HIMYM is still on the air. Networks usually don't like to share to that extent.
Yeah. Different networks and different studios for the 2 projects makes it really difficult unless CBS were to come out this fall and say this is HIMYM's last season. And chances are crazy long that they would do that. Hopefully they are saving a spot for her (if it makes sense for everyone involved and the story) in the plan for later seasons.
Damn You D-e-f- I was going to mention that. So assuming she isn't just a groupie in the chorus she can still be a ninja, a physician, or a goofy mathematician.

I don't really remember her from ER but I did really like Stargate universe (unfortunatly not many others did) and she was great there.

BTW I wonder if the producers of Once Upon A Time considered asking Ming-Na to play the role of Mulan on their show.

I can't wait for more casting news.
Which one was she in the joy luck club? Was she the one with the best quality heart? Or was she the lawyer? Or was she the one married to Andrew McCarthy?

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