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October 25 2012

Where are they now? The cast of Dollhouse. With the release of the Dollhouse Season 1 DVD/Blu-ray this week in Australia, has a look what the show's cast did next.

Seriously? Not one mention of Suburgatory for Alan Tudyk?
Nor "Franklin & Bash" for Reed Diamond. This is an Aussie site, though, so perhaps those shows have yet to debut down under?
Yes, and what about Eliza's Albania project? Felicia Day's most recent eps of The Guild probably should've gotten a mention as well.
Does one still get to be called "plucky" when they're over thirty?

Also, glad to see Alan in Wreck-It Ralph; I'm looking forward to that one.
waterfallbooks, Julio

Yea I think the site is focusing on what's available to Aussies right now.

Enver was also in the pilot of Dexter Season 7 (as a character named ... Victor! LOL) but it's missing from their list.

And they should've included Amy in the list. Her guest stint on Person of Interest was fantastic.
Deepgirl187, well, if Mary Tyler Moore is any indication, one can be plucky well into the golden years.
I was disappointed no more episodes of Enver's internet soap opera Point Dume showed up. That was seriously funny. I saw him just recently, albeit briefly, as a character in the new season of Dexter. It's that facility with dialects. He really deserves a starring role.

Harry Lennix was in the pilot episode (and maybe more) of Emily Owens, M.D. (Meryl Streep's daughter plays the role) but I heard it was cancelled.

I'd love to see Tahmoh in SHIELD.

Fran not only did As You Like It, he was on Broadway in Death of Salesman, so I hope he does more theatre.

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