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October 26 2012

Marsters of the Universe. In this eclectic interview, James talks about his career, the Mars rover Curiosity, 50 Shades of Grey, accents, whether he'd play Spike again and more.

I am always amazed by how eclectic his knowledge and interests are. Way more than a pretty face and a talented artist.
Lovely geeky James!
Very nice interview!
Excellent interview!
Incredible! He's so intelligent.

I really want all of them to do Buffy again in some capacity...
I love the way he gets so geekily excited about science and stuff.
"And he's pulling his hair out, man! The poor guy! " to quote Dick vanDyke "Oh, is that how that happened?"

Always got to me in S-4 when James palyed Spike putting ona bad American accent. I used to be say, with surprise, "How can these British and Aussie and Kiwi actors flatten out their voices to sound American?" until I relaized American accent's *aren't * flat.

Hmm, "myabe I'm back in the game." not really a Spike fan but it's still good news. They could do it; in candid shots Sarha and ALy still look better, and younger, than "Siobhette" and Lily in their characetr makeup.

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