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"I'd hate for my little untimely, horrible death concern to be ambiguous."
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October 26 2012

For sale - a sock puppet Joss Whedon portrait. This homage is part of a Ongoing Celebrity Series.

Well, that's unsettling.

However, it would be quite an excellent Christmas present for the Whedon fan who has it all. And also a great conversation starter.
It would be more unsettling if it actually looked like him. Gah, the declining standards of sock puppets. Where are the sock puppets of our youth? If only someone could . . . crochet Joss . . .
Finally! Someone read my mind!

...and saw my nightmare and put it in artwork.
Wow, now I like my Whedon figurine (that I got with the Comic-Con: A Fan's Hope DVD) a lot more, because at least that is recognizably Joss! The best one is still my Director Joss Whedon button made by Lexigeek.
Oh my goodness!! Really can't duplicate Joss in anyway. Think God smashed the mold after that one.

"You only deserve one."
Yikes, this thing is scary.
It looks like Van Gogh to me. Am I alone?
Did anyone notice-- the creator is not selling the sock puppet; he is selling a *picture* of the sock puppet. $12 for a 2in x 3in photograph of a sock puppet. Srsly?

Somehow, when I saw this sock puppet portrait, I immediately thought of Beast Jesus (aka, "the worst [art] restoration in history"). But that is probably just me.
Hi guys, I'm the artist! And I thank the good people of Whedonesque for covering it. In my defense, the sock puppet portrait arts are delicate and interpretive, I though I caught him in the "just post-Avengers-scruffy" Joss phase. I'm telling you, my little photos are nifty, look around on the site, there's a whole weird world, all with stories to see!

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