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October 26 2012

Seth Green to guest on "How I Met Your Mother". Willow and Oz back together at last!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

There NEEDS to be a reference to Buffy...
How Whedonverse actors has that show had now?
Alexis Denisof is the only one jumping straight to my mind, besides Alyson Hanigan and Neil Patrick Harris.
Amy Acker was in one episode.
Morena Baccarin, Tom Lenk and Danny Strong were on it too.
Happiness achieved. Can't wait.
Harry Groener too

Oooo this makes me soooo happppyyy
Cobie Smulders, too!

Very excited for this.
If they don't reference Buffy, they're doing it wrong lol

Regardless, I can't wait for this.
Dunno, this show in the past seems to have avoided stuff like that. So did _BtVS_ and _Angel_, too.

I'm almost ona utopilot now following this show (the heart seems to have gone out of it) but looking forward to this. just wish they 'd bloody well get to Barney and Robin's wedding and, I'm hoping introduce the Mother er." Altho from that railway staion scene back in ?Ep.2? I have my doubts.
Sigh. I wish I still cared. Too little, too late for this show. If only Seth Green was playing the Mother. I'm joking, but seriously, get on with it already! I'm with DaddyCatALSO on this. The heart is missing and I would add, it's fallen into lame sitcom conventions, meaning it doesn't make me laugh anymore. :(

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