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October 26 2012

Alan Tudyk in the "Wreck-It Ralph" voice cast. Character name may be a bit of a spoiler. Despite his name placement in the IMDB listing, he is fifth/seventh-billed in the actual movie credits and has a very large role.

Having seen this movie, I can say that he does indeed have a pretty large part. So glad to see him working even more!
Curious that IMDB lists Charles Martinet. Last I heard Nintendo had refused to allow Mario in.

Also: Skrillex? Oh dear.
...How is his character name a spoiler? I thought that fromt he trailers the premise was pretty clear. Unless there's some stuff I'm missing.
If you want to see Alan "doing" Jeremy Sisto (well, you may not) you should take a look at the current "Suburgatory."
It's way better than Sisto doing Tudyk, IMHO.
orangewaxlion, I am in the strange position of having seen the movie, but not the trailer, so I don't know if/how Alan Tudyk's character comes up in the advertising. *I* wouldn't be worried to know the character's name, but since other people's spoiler sensitivities are of varying levels, I thought I should put a disclaimer. (Personally, I would have liked to have known that was Alan Tudyk going in - as it was, I was trying to figure out through the whole movie who the voice belonged to, and only found out when I saw the end credits.)

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