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October 28 2012

The 15 best vampires not in Twilight. The list features one of our favourite vampires.

List seems a bit random. Did they pick these out of a hat?
Well, they could pick anyone, because all the best vampires are not in Twilight.
One would think a list of the 15 best vampires wouldn't include anyone from Twilight as a matter of course.
How can they include Damon but not include Spike?
I thought the same, Spike was really missing on that list :(
Speaking of vampires, has anyone else seen Stake Land? I thought it was one of the best vampire movies I've seen in ages. It was like The Walking Dead but with vampires.
Seriously now, is there anyone that REALLY expects E to make a decent list?

I don't think you'll ever see Spike in E's lists, EVER, unless they don't really have an option.

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I thought it was a good list...
Yay! Angel! Although I prefer evil Angel to love sick puppy Angel.
On the fence about Damon, Carolyn is my favourite from that show, like if Harmony had compassion and brain cells.
Where's Dru though? She's the best Buffy vamp; psychotic, creepy, vicious, never had a moral conflict. Evil and unhinged...just how I like them.
Love the call out to B/A. I think Joss said it perfectly via Buffy in season 8 of the comics regarding the Twilight craze. *g*

I also LOVE Damon from the Vampire Diaries.
angel awesome
Zianna I think you are right. E seems to have this weird fascination with avoiding Spike. Even if he wins a vote, they choose someone else. Kinda funny.
Did they have to qualify it with "not in twilight"? I think it's implied with "best vampire".
Any vampire not in Twilight is better than any vampire in Twilight.
If I hear "Twilight" again, think I'm going to bawf! Gosh, I'm so sick of it!

"Stake Land", eh Simon? I'll look that up. Thanks!
Anyone find it ruefully amusing to see Angel referred to as a vampire not in Twilight?

Weaz Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn?
Every best of vampire list should include Angel, Spike, Drusilla, and Darla. Just saying.
Nice to see Lina Leandersson's Eli on the list. One of the absolute best vampires in anything, ever.

I think Jessica is a strong contender for best True Blood vamp (though Pam's a good choice as well). And I would probably have included a mention of Angelus in the Angel entry--it's the conflict between Angel and Angelus that really makes him an interesting character (much more so than the Buffy romance).

I also would have included Mitchell from Being Human--I think he had one of the best character arcs of any TV or movie vampire I've seen. I loved the fact that the show didn't gloss over his evil side, or make it sexy, the way so many vampire stories do.
Agree about Mitchell. I might even vote for him being the best TV vampire ever.

Wish they had gone into non-movie and TV vampires. Might start getting too esoteric, but The Confessor from Astro City is about as good a vampire as there is. Plus the most noble. And the vampires in Dan Simmons's COLD CARRION are absolutely extraordinary.

The only list of vampires the Twilight vampires could make is the WORST vampires ever.

This whole list seems intended not to list the actual best vampires but to placate as broad an audience as possible.

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