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October 28 2012

First part of the long-in-the-making Australian Firefly fan film "Bellflower". They've been working on this film, which set in the Firefly universe, for over six years now.

Previous mentions here and here.

Not bad for a fan made effort. I think they could improve the pacing and also work on the sound design a little more. I look forward to seeing the rest of it.
I love how they have captured the feel of Firefly, and the design of Bellflower is just great.
hmm! interesting i wonder if they got help from the tafe students and course?
Kill your darlings.
She's a beautiful ship. Yeah, I could watch this.
Visually beautiful. Love the characters (the first two we're introduced to), the opening credits, and the theme song. Concur regarding the pacing being a tad slow and the main episode conflict (a certain special cargo) has not been introduced before the opening fade-out, but forgive all because how much this rekindled my love for the 'Verse. New stories, particularly on film, and of this quality, evoke a stronger emotional response in me than merely nostalgic 10th anniversary Firefly reunion panels (despite how much I appreciate these as well).

Dr. Bob (who'll dig out & put on the Bellflower cast t-shirt I won at the 2008 Burbank Firefly convention and re-watch this on the big screen when I get home this evening) :)
It's like a very small appetizer; Hoping for a bigger bite soon. After all, it's been SIX years.
Which reminds me, does anyone know what happened to the other fan film effort based in Vancouver I think, Into the black?
Hi all thankyou so much for your feedback. Bellfower is basically a TV / firefly style full length feature. But due to animation delays on a few shots I had decided to release in bits.
There will be about 10 parts, with each part bringing the feel of the verse to life. (I hope). From the moment I wrote bellflower, it was important to keep her grounded and allow the audience to believe that these are just everyday people in the verse.
The first few parts are character and verse development, then once you have a feel for the characters, expose them to REAVERS, and the hard descissions that one has to make sometimes. Out in the black.
Thanksyou all so much

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