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October 29 2012

Joss Whedon discusses his acting roles. Evidently Husbands is the biggest role Joss has ever had on screen.

I could've sworn I've seen this before: did I dream it? Anyway, great talk, especially with Joss goofing around.
This was up on one of the two Husbands websites before.
I was just thinking this weekend that Joss should host "Saturday Night Live". Yes?
lycoming, if that ever happened, I'd fear for my spleen.
Oh yeah, SNL... and the cover of GQ. Or maybe Rolling Stone. Whichever he'd prefer.
Yeah I've seen this before.
While it's fun to see Joss act and all, I wish he'd focus on trying to get his name in the hat to direct the new Disney/Star Wars film.

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I still think Numfar was his finest role ...
Thanks for the reminder kreider204, Numfar was definitely Joss' greatest non-speaking role! And of course we all know he planned to be Badger before Mark Sheppard stole that role from him (I would have loved to have seen Joss on Firefly!).
I love Numfar ...

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