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October 29 2012

TVLine names 25 actors they would like to see back on TV this pilot season. One of our Scoobies makes the list.

And Husbands star Alessandra Torresani! I really hope Nick does get something this season -- ideally a supporting role on SHIELD please!
I know Ringer has only been off the air for a few months, and while it entertained me I don't exactly miss the show itself, but I really want Sarah Michelle Gellar back on my television. Granted, I can' see that happening for a while, but I'm rewatching Buffy (and Angel) for the first time in years and falling in love with everyone all over again. Granted, SMG is probably really busy at the moment with her kids and personal life, but hopefully she'll at least book a few guest roles or something.

Would love to see pretty much anyone from Buffy in a regular tv role. Loved Emma Caulfield on Life Unexpected. I really want to see more of Amber Benson, too. And...everyone, really. Hopefully SHIELD will give a few guest spots to actors from Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse and Firefly.

Hope Alyson Hannigan lands a drama when How I Met Your Mother wraps ups...which I love and still enjoy, it is just never at the top of my 'must-see' list anymore.
I'd like to see Amber Benson in a long-term role on TV. And Aly doing drama, not comedy.
Nick would be great but I would most like to see James Marsters in a consistent role on my TV. Would be ideal for SHIELD but Whedon doesn't seem to like to use him in any of his post-Buffy/Angel projects.
Somebody please give Enver Gjokaj a consistent job.
Imagine Enver's 'Avengers' cop role reprised in S.H.E.I.D. Already warming up to that idea.
I would like to see Amber Benson on my TV, too.

This was a pretty good list, though. I'd definitely like to see shows with Lauren Ambrose and Matthew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under), Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life), and Sabrina Lloyd (Sports Night). They were all people I especially enjoyed on their respective shows, and most of them haven't gotten a lot of roles since, as far as I know. I'd *love* to see any one of these people starring in their own show.
I know Joss would be busy and all but Disney just announced they purchased Lucas Film. With Star Wars now being in the Disney family.....I would be overjoyed for Joss to write a Star Wars script. I would be in sci-fi bliss.

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