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October 29 2012

Maria Hill to appear in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". So that's at least four characters from The Avengers to appear in this sequel.

Spoilers in the article for those not familiar with the Captain America storyline: .
So excited for this one, probably the most out of all the Phase 2 movies as I'm currently reading The Winter Soldier arc in paperback. Got a really deep espionage feel and isn't too dissimilar from Homeland, come to think of it. Gonna be very different from the first (in a good way!).
I am in LOVE with Sebastian Stan right now..... Super excited! Which four characters... Cap, Black Widow, Maria Hill...and?
And Fury, looks like.
Very excited. A bit surprised they went for this storyline already, but I loved the books. I wonder if Brubaker will get any credit?
I think Brubaker got his name in the credits of the first Cap movie, actually.
I cant help but feel that this film is getting just a little too crowded with its cast... But at the end of the day any Cobie is appreciated. Im still holding hope that Cobie will be appearing on SHIELD.

@Jelly, I too was a little surprised that they chose to go with the Winter Soldier story line for the second film, I feel it would have been better suited for the third installment. I guess after the first film didnt do amazing at box office and with critics they chose the story line that was most anticipated by the fans. Still though, it is an amazing story and probably the film Im most looking forward too from phase two.

I have too many mixed feelings.

Anyway this is my first post, it was a bit of a ramble, but hello all :)

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Looking forward to this one too.The Winter Soldier storyline is a modern classic now.
Still haven't watched the Captain America movie, but I'm so happy that Black Widow and Maria Hill are appearing in this! Black Widow probably had my favourite arc in the Avengers, I'm really interested in learning more about her past in the next few films.
This is somewhat off topic but Disney just announced they've bought Lucasfilm and Star Wars Episode VII will be released in 2015 with the plan to do more Star Wars films after.George Lucas who has stepped down as head of Lucasfilm(Kathleen Kennedy will be the new President of Lucasfilm and executive producer of the new Star Wars film) will be a creative consultant but turing over the film franchise to new creators and the new generation of filmmakers.

So Disney owns Marvel and they own Lucasfilm now.

I got to admit,it would be interesting to see if Joss would be interested in doing a future Star Wars film.

He wouldn't be advailable for Epsiode VII since thats already set for 2015 but maybe a future Star Wars film?

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I didn't feel that Maria Hill was given enough in Avengers to let me care about her enough to care about this, but I hope that she gets some character development in this one.
Maria Hill got more in the Avengers deleted scenes... one imagines they'll go off those for her characterisation.
I wish that Maria Hill had felt more like Maria Hill in the film. In the movie she seemed more like a rule 63 Dum Dum Dugan.

The version of her from the deleted bookends felt more like her, although the movie in general played better without them, I think.

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